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It is essential that all engines are cooled correctly; they will overheat and fail unless the cooling system is in tip-top condition. Overheating can quickly destroy the cylinder head or lead to engine seizure resulting in a very expensive failure. Never take chances with cheap inferior products. Use only top quality parts made to the vehicle manufacturer's exacting standards. Under all conditions – summer or winter - you can rely on Motorman's quality products.

We hold a large range of brand new OE quality Radiators/ Oil Coolers & Intercoolers for most UK, European and Japanese cars and LCV’s. All are very competitively priced with huge savings compared to dealer prices. To obtain a quote, talk to our helpful technical sales team, or if you would like one of our technical engineers to contact you, then please complete the simple enquiry form. Or, for an immediate response, call Motorman Technical Sales on 01727 866711


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