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DPFs, CATs & Exhaust Systems

All modern diesel engines now use DPF’s and CATS to meet stringent EU exhaust emission standards. The vehicle manufacturer’s parts are often eye-wateringly expensive. Don’t get caught out, Motorman supplies a large range of replacement parts, all fully compliant with EU regulations and at a fraction of the price of main dealer costs. We strongly recommend you speak to one of our technical sales team, who will discuss whether you need a new system, if it can be regenerated and cleaned, why it may have failed and what checks will be needed to ensure a long service life. Most failures are as a result of how the vehicle is used, or due to other ancillary parts in the fuel injection o turbo charger system failing.

Many exhaust systems are stolen (especially Sprinters and Transits) to recover the precious metals that are in the catalytic converter. Again, Motorman can help you with cost effective solutions for replacement parts, and also with protective systems to help stop the exhaust being stolen in the future. We even provide a cleaning or replacement service for less common or specialist vehicles.

We are just a phone call away, so use our technical experience and save money. To obtain a quote, talk to our helpful technical sales team, or if you would like one of our technical engineers to contact you, then please complete the simple enquiry form. Or, for immediate response call Motorman Technical Sales on 01727 866711  



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